Why You Should Buy a Dog Bed for Your Furry Companion?

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Dogs are friendly creatures and make great companions. In order to keep your dog healthy and happy it is essential that you keep his needs in mind. Most dogs sleep for 12 hours each day thus they need a place to rest and stretch out. Here’s a list of reasons why you should definitely buy them their own dog bed.

To Allow Your Dog a Comfortable Place to Sleep

You dog need a bed for the very same reasons you do; he needs a comfortable place to sleep. A dog bed will allow your dog a place to stretch around and retrieve to when they are feeling tired or upset.

To Give Them Their Own Space

While many dog owners enjoy sharing a bed with their dogs, it is not really a very healthy habit. Over time, sharing a bed with a dog can get very difficult when your dogs get bigger. Thus, you should give them their own space where they can comfortably stretch around. Also, dogs carry with their fur, many kinds of germs and insects that can cause many diseases; in addition dog hair can also irritate you while you sleep so it’s better you buy them a dog bed so that the both of you are able to get a good night’s sleep.

To Prevent Your Dog from Sleeping On the Floor

Buy your furry companion a dog bed to provide him insulation from the cold hard floor. The floor is not only uncomfortable to sleep on but it also allows insects and other nasty little creatures an opportunity to find its way in your dog’s fur.

To Avoid Your Dog from Overheating/Cooling

Some dogs tend to easily overheat during the summer especially dogs with long fur and double coats. When the temperature rises these dogs may have trouble in sleeping and getting adequate rest. To prevent your dog from getting a heatstroke it is essential that you buy him a dog bed that tends to his needs which in this case is a cooling dog bed. These dog beds will allow your dog well needed rest in the summers and keep their body temperature under control.

Some dogs on the other hand may be in need of a heated dog bed. Dogs that are characteristically thin which short coats need heating beds. Older dogs suffering from arthritis can also benefit from such beds as the extra heat soothes their joint.

To Help Cushion Their Joints

Elderly dogs or dogs with arthritis need customized beds to suit their needs. Dog beds such as orthopedic and memory foam dog beds help cushion their joints and allow them a comfortable night’s sleep.

To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Lastly, it is important to remember that dogs tend to sleep a lot, especially puppies and older. A dog’s bed is surely going to contribute to your dog’s well being and happiness, after all, nobody likes sleeping on the cold hard floor, and who doesn’t like their own bed? So get your dog a bed today.


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