The Benefits of Using a Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog


There are a multitude of viewpoints surrounding the best way to train your dog. Usually, in the past, people would use cruel, physical punishment for training their dogs. But since the inception of television shows like “It’s Me or the Dog” and “The Dog Whisperer”, many dog owners are now placing emphasis on understanding their furry companions and training them using positive reinforcement.

One of the most common ways being used currently to train dogs using positive reinforcement is dog whistle training. This form of training entails using a dog whistle to get a dog’s attention and give commands because it produces sounds at high frequency ranges that, for the most part, are inaudible to the human ear. To understand more, let’s take a look at the benefits of dog whistle training.

Ensures Positive Reinforcement

The principle behind dog whistles is that it produces an odd sound rather than an extremely loud one. Please note the sound of the whistle does not hurt the dog, but instead seems interesting and unusual to them. So, by using dog whistle training, it’s easier to get your dog to do something rather than to attempt to break a bad habit through harsh means. Bad habits do require punishment, but the best thing about using the whistle is it focuses on initiating commands rather than working as punishment. Therefore, this positive reinforcement proves useful when training your dog or teaching him new tricks.

Unambiguous Whistle Sound

Let’s face it: dogs learn faster if consistent commands are given. The human voice varies from person to person and even your own voice can sound different, depending on the environment or your mood, hence it changes subtly each time you talk or give a command. It can get difficult for your dog to understand what you are saying. On the other hand, if you buy a decent dog whistle, it will sound the same, thus your dog will understand your commands better. This sound is also easier for your dog to hear over a distance and through windy weather, which is considerably better than yelling.

Various Whistle Techniques

Another amazing benefit of dog whistles is you can use various techniques to blow the whistle. You can either use a single blast or a string of little ‘pips’ for calling your dog. Therefore, you can use multiple whistle techniques to give different commands to your dog. For instance, for calling, many dog trainers use a string of pips, whereas to command the dog to ‘sit’, they use two pips. However, please note whistle commands do take time to teach, so don’t get hyper or mad at your dog for not being completely responsive. Just like any good thing, even dog whistle training takes time.

Chance for a Fresh Start

If previous training techniques weren’t working well with your dog, using the special attribute of a whistle to command your dog will provide a great opportunity to make a fresh start. Therefore, you can easily get your dog to recall and come ‘bounding’ back towards you with love and excitement.

So, as you can see, dog training can become a breeze if you use a dog whistle.

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