Tips For Home Grooming

All our furry best friends require regular basic grooming that will keep them happy, clean and healthy. Hopefully tangle free as well! Deciding on whether to groom Fido at home or at the groomers is up to you. Do your homework when it comes to selecting a good pet groomer. Making sure that your dog is properly socialized prior to having a professional groomer also makes for an easier visit. Nonetheless if you decide to groom at home, here are some tips:

Some clippers do not come with blades. All clipper blades are marked by how close they cut or by their Oster number, size 10 for example. While Oster is a favorite, the other brands are also good. If buying a brand other than Oster, make sure that it’s equipped to use Oster-style blades. Remember that if your clipper breaks, you’ll have to think about either buying new clippers of the particular brand that matches the blades you have or starting from scratch and buying everything again. Sometimes this can be very expensive.


Accustoming your dog from the puppy stage to the nail clipper is important. Fido’s nails need to be trimmed to prevent splayed toes. Having nails that are not trimmed can also impede your dog from walking properly, and can also ruin his overall appearance. Many pet parents prefer using a pet nail clipper that works like the Dremel tool. Although groomers and veterinarians offer nail trimming, this is one of those things that are easy enough to do from home. You can begin by nipping the tip of each nail every week so that your puppy gets used to this routine. Following that, a pawdicure should only be done once a month or once every 6 -8 weeks, depending on how fast your dog’s nails grow and how often he digs outside.

Nail Clippers

These come in various sizes and all sorts of shapes. Clippers may look like scissors, yet others tend to look like pliers. There’s a pair that comes close to looking like a guillotine and cuts with only a single blade. Because this is by far the easiest to use and also comes in many different sizes to match the specific needs of different breeds, it’s a popular choice. Replacement of nail clippers is necessary because they tend to become dull over time and with frequent use. For the show ring, handlers do tend to prefer a power nail file. This files nails down gently. Nonetheless, if your furry best friend is reluctant to sit still, get a friend to hold him for you. Always remember to reward positive behavior with treats and praise. Dog TV also works wonders when grooming and tends to get dogs to focus on the behavior of other dogs and people, instead of being groomed.