Grooming at Home

doggroomingDo you have a dog with a thick double coat? Or perhaps one with hair as fine as silk? Although every breed has specific grooming requirements, there are a few tips to follow regarding basic at home grooming. This does not have to be boring and can be tons of fun once you get the hang of it. Keeping Fido looking his best, whether it’s in between visits to the dog groomer or on the way to his first dog show is necessary for overall great health and for emotional reasons too. It helps with bonding. Your canine companion will feel elated once those annoying tangles are removed.

Dedicated dog lovers often fall into the trap of buying too many electric clippers and blades for their furry companions. Although it’s super important to lavish your dogs with the best tools for grooming such as the Oster and Wahl products, do your research before. The Wahl 9590-210 pet clipper kit has great reviews and is a wonderful product because it’s available cordless.

So what should you consider before starting? It’s very obvious, the shorter your furry friends’ coat is, the less grooming he needs. So often, breeds like the Poodle and the Portuguese Water Dog are neglected because they are light shedders. More attention is spent on the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Samoyed. Studying the composition of your dog’s coat helps you to understand breed, genetics, and the environmental affects on your dog’s coat, as well as nutrition. Because our canine companions have two types of coats, single or double, also called a two-ply coat, it’s essential to understand the basics of grooming.

Bathing is sometimes confused and sometimes seen as being the foundation of good grooming. This is not the case. Our canine companions only need baths when they’ve frolicked in the mud or on the way to a dog show. Brushing and combing are everyday essentials that only require patience and good grooming supplies that will last for a couple of years. Learning how to effectively brush, bath and groom your dog helps your furry best friend feel good, knowing that you care enough about him in making him feel loved. It’s best to tackle those thick coats that get matted easily right away. Brushing and combing before bathing prevents tangles that sometimes need to be cut away.

Undercoat rakes or long combs helps to remove those loose undercoat hairs that seem to travel everywhere. If your canine companion has a multitude of tangles, begin by using a wide-toothed comb and then change over to a narrower toothed comb. Combining detangling solutions with a mat splitter or mat rake helps break up tangles. Nonetheless, electric clippers always work in extreme cases when you simply cannot remove the tangle. Use these slowly and calmly on your furry friend and never hurry when using clippers. The shedding tool is effective too for removing Fido’s soft undercoat, most especially when he’s shedding. After that comes the slicker brush, which is used for skin stimulation .If your canine companion’s coat is short use a short –toothed comb.

When it’s time to groom your canine companion, you definitely want to consider pawdicures, ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning, daily dental care and tear stain removal. Some of these things are best left to a professional groomer or veterinarian.