Problems you might face training your dog


When you start training your dog, you might face some common dog training problems.  Let’s look at at a few of the problems and what to do about these problems:


Problem: Your dog is unable to learn the trick and stares at you, when you give the command, unable to comprehend what it is you want.

Solution: He is probably unable to understand what it is you want him to do. This means you are either making the training session too complicated or you are unclear about training techniques. You need to communicate clearly to your dog, what you want from him.


Problem: Your dog doesn’t seem to want to participate in the training session.

Solution: If your dog doesn’t seem too excited about the training, you are probably not using a treat he loves. By assuming your dog loves a treat that you are using, you are risking the success of your training sessions. To ensure your dog absolutely adores a treat, you want to wave it in front of his nose and if his tail starts wagging furiously, you should go ahead and use the treat for training. If you cannot get this reaction from your dog, you are probably not using a good enough treat and should either try good quality cheeses or bits of sausages as treats.


Problem: He doesn’t get the command right every time.

Solution: Your timing is probably off because your actions are confusing the dog. You are either not giving him the treat at the right time, which is immediately after the dog performs the trick. As soon as he finishes performing the trick, toss him the treat and give him loads of genuine praise and probably a hug.

Dog Training is a process, you can’t expect to work with your dog one time and that be it.  It takes time and patience.

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A Few Tips on House Training Your Dog


No matter how much you love your dog, you would definitely get angry once you have noticed that your carpet has muddy paw prints all over, your favorite shoes have been peed on, and your ironed shirt or dress has been trampled on. To be honest when you own a dog, you need to expect these things to happen. But, in order to reduce these disturbing, irritating, and frustrating occurrences to a minimum, you have to take certain steps. One of these steps include, house training your dog. So, follow these useful tips below on how to house train your dog successfully:

Visit the Vet

If your dog has never given you trouble before, but has suddenly begun unloading indoors at inappropriate times, it is imperative that you visit the veterinarian first. This way, you can rule out all potential medical causes, before taking matters into your own hands. Some of the most common medical reasons for inappropriate defecation and urination include incontinence caused from previous medical problems, change in diet, and gastrointestinal complications.

Know Your Dog

Dogs are like people – each dog has a different personality. Therefore, you simply cannot expect your new dog to behave like your previous one, instead take out the time to learn more about your dog – its own traits and personality quirks.

Observe the natural tendencies of your canine friend, especially when it comes to urinating and pooping. For example, some dogs like to relieve themselves on sand or gravel, while others on dirt or grass. Therefore, try learning about the perfect designated poop and urinating area for your dog.

Supervise Your Dog

When it comes to house training your dog, it’s important that you observe him from day one when he attends his call of nature. One of the best ways to do so is tether your puppy to you or a nearby piece of furniture and then watch for signs that your puppy needs to eliminate.

Some signs are rather obvious, such as circling, sniffing around, restlessness, squatting, scratching at the door, and/or barking. Therefore, if your dog displays any of the above signs, immediately grab the leash, and take him outside to his bathroom spot.

Establish the Toilet Area

If you haven’t yet established the toilet area, then perhaps it’s time you do. Take your dog outdoors and give him the time to find his perfect place of unloading. Once he establishes the toilet area, ensure you take your dog to the area each time he needs to eliminate.

Keep doing this until she develops a strong habit of eliminating there. However, it is important that you accompany him to this place to ensure he doesn’t eliminate somewhere else. You might want to use treats in order to make him understand better regarding the toilet area.

Accept that Mistakes Do Happen

Last, but not the least, expect your dog to have a few accidents in the house. It’s a normal part of house training and every dog does it sometime or the other. Therefore, don’t punish your puppy, shout at him, or hit him for eliminating in the house.

So, now that you are familiar with the dog training tips mentioned above, house training your dog won’t be a problem.

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