Ultrasonic Whistle Training – How it Works


Dogs are fun and loving creatures but they have a tendency to go out of control. For this reason, it is important that you train your dog so that he does not cause havoc on the streets. Ultrasonic whistle training is an effective technique to train your dogs. It is a technique that is generally used by many professional trainers when they need to whistle-train a dog, especially if they need to take the dog on a hunting trip.

Ultrasonic whistle training is also called a silent whistle as it only produces sound waves that are of extremely high frequencies. They are inaudible to the human ear, however dogs and other animals who have a larger hearing frequency can detect and respond to such high frequencies. Dogs have very acute hearing so an ultrasonic whistle can also be used to train dogs that are from a large distance from their owners.

Working with a dog training whistle involves dog owners to train their dogs to respond accordingly to the whistle. When you blow the ultrasonic whistle your dog may hear a very high pitched noise and may immediately get startled, but for you, the noise will almost be inaudible. The sound of the whistle will immediately grab your dog’s attention, your dog may even respond to the whistle by barking, this is natural behavior.

Once you have your dog’s attention, call him towards you. It does not matter if he is very far away from you, call out to him without shouting and see if he responds. Slowly train your dog to associate the sound of the whistle with a command. Once your dog recognizes this, it will be very easy for you to train him.

Ultrasonic whistle training is highly effective, particularly for training herd dogs that are often at a large distant from their owners. Long-distant training is an invaluable technique and you will be lucky to master it. It may be difficult at first, but soon you will get the hang of it. Start by training your dog to follow simple commands such to sit, stay, or stop.

Ultrasonic whistle training is not all difficult; however, these tips can tricks will help you in whistle training your dog:

Offering Your Dog Treats

Treats can cause your dog to do wonders. Just like humans, dogs love to be appreciated and rewarded. Be sure to reward your dog with ample amount of treats every time he overcomes a milestone. You can carry small bite-sized treats with you. Praising your dog also works very well. Once your dog realizes that he will be rewarded by treats and praises he will be sure to do whatever you have asked him to.

Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog

Finally, playing hide and seek with your dog can help train him to finding his way back to you. Hide from your dog and then blow the whistle. If he does not immediately respond then call out to him, when he successfully locates you, offer him a treat. This will help you in whistle training your dog as your dog will be able to recognize the dog whistle as a stimulus. Practice this game with your dog and within a few weeks he will be a changed, a better trained and obedient pet.