Reasons to Train Your Dog with a Whistle


We know you love your dogs. But dogs are very active creatures that constantly need to be supervised, in the ideal conditions, trained. You cannot always be running after your dog with a leash, which again makes training imperative. Whistle training your dog allows your dog to have more freedom while keeping him disciplined. Dogs can be a handful, you can turn your back and they can have caused chaos in your living room or have run after a poor neighborhood boy. Here are some reasons to why you should whistle train your dog.

Whistles Are Easier to Hear

Strictly speaking, a whistle does not train a dog, a dog owner does. You can easily train your dog to the sound of your voice but let’s be honest, you would most of the times have to be shouting on top of your lungs and chances are that your dog would not be able to hear your voice over large distances. Dog whistles help dog owners communicate with their dogs over large distances. This is why whistles are primarily used for gundog training. You voice may become inaudible to your dog when you two are outside, but your dog will always be able to listen to the whistle.

Easier to Train your Dog for Gundog Training

Gun dogs are also known as bird dogs. Gun dogs are hunting dogs that are trained to assist hunters in finding game, usually birds. It is not easy to train a dog to become a gun dog so it is highly recommended that a dog owner resort to whistle training. Some of the major advantages of whistle training your gun dog are:


You can train your dog using verbal commands but that would not always work well. Imagine if you were to have a sore throat or if the winds were blowing too hard? Unlike verbal commands, dog whistles are not prone to interruptions and disturbances. This is why using a dog whistle is the most effective way to train your gundog.

It Will Not Disturb the Game

Hunting requires clever maneuvers and well laid out strategies but one of the most fundamental things that you need to be careful about is scaring away the game. Birds are sensitive creatures and often find a way to escape when they feel suspicion. It is important for gundogs and dog owners to keep quiet while they are training in order to not disturb the game. In such circumstances using verbal commands to train your god would be counterproductive as your voice can easily scare away the birds. This is why people use a dog training whistle to train their gundogs. Silent or ultrasonic whistles are sometimes inaudible by other creatures and do not disturb the game.

Dog Whistles are Audible over Large Distances

Finally, you do not have to worry about your gundog going out of distance. A dog whistle will still be audible to your dog no matter how far away they run away from you.

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