Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Beds

sleeping dog

Visco elastic foam also known as ‘memory foam’ has created hype as a comfortable bed for dogs. A memory foam dog bed is distinct from other beds in quite a few ways which is why they are known to provide premium comfort to dogs who are suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. We know you love your dog and would do anything to provide them premium care. But it’s important that you know the pros and cons before buying an expensive bed for your pal.


Reduces Pressure Points

One of the major benefits of memory foam beds is that they reduce pressure points by positioning a dog into a good posture. This feature is quite remarkable and will be quite useful if your dog tosses and turns a lot in his sleep. The memory foam is able to align your dog’s body, molding the foam according to his body shape and size. This keeps your dog relaxed and aligned while he sleeps.


Dogs like to chew on their beds and often make a lot of mess. Memory foam beds last longer when compared to other beds. Thus these beds are more durable and resilient to wear and tear.

Provides Support

Memory foam beds provide well needed support to dogs that have arthritis and other bone diseases. The foam is thick yet it is comfortable enough to help them sleep well during the night.


Retains a Lot of Heat

Memory foam outlines according to your dog’s body shape and because of the high density, the beds retain a lot of heat which may cause your dog’s body temperature during the night. This is a main concern as during the summers, dogs with double coats or with long furs tend to overheat. This causes them discomfort while they sleep, making them restless. Over heating may also cause heat stroke in some situations, which is to be avoided at all costs. However there are temperature sensitive memory foams such as gel memory foams. They are known to be cooler and do not retain a lot of heat.


Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell. You may often find them sniffing around for no apparent reason, but their nose is sharper than ours. Memory foam beds are created from a number of chemicals which is why they give off a peculiar odor known to last a several months. The odor is cause by a chemical called VOC. It is possible that your dog may not be bothered by this strange smell but if you are sleeping in the same room then it might be problem for you. However, memory foam beds without VOC have been made available to do away with this problem.

Not Budget Friendly

Memory foam beds have been known to be quite expensive and may cost double of a regular dog bed. However, the internet has made things easier and cheaper so you can find a good memory foam dog bed online through different discount retailers. This will keep things in budget while helping your dog sleep better.

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