Problems you might face training your dog


When you start training your dog, you might face some common dog training problems.  Let’s look at at a few of the problems and what to do about these problems:


Problem: Your dog is unable to learn the trick and stares at you, when you give the command, unable to comprehend what it is you want.

Solution: He is probably unable to understand what it is you want him to do. This means you are either making the training session too complicated or you are unclear about training techniques. You need to communicate clearly to your dog, what you want from him.


Problem: Your dog doesn’t seem to want to participate in the training session.

Solution: If your dog doesn’t seem too excited about the training, you are probably not using a treat he loves. By assuming your dog loves a treat that you are using, you are risking the success of your training sessions. To ensure your dog absolutely adores a treat, you want to wave it in front of his nose and if his tail starts wagging furiously, you should go ahead and use the treat for training. If you cannot get this reaction from your dog, you are probably not using a good enough treat and should either try good quality cheeses or bits of sausages as treats.


Problem: He doesn’t get the command right every time.

Solution: Your timing is probably off because your actions are confusing the dog. You are either not giving him the treat at the right time, which is immediately after the dog performs the trick. As soon as he finishes performing the trick, toss him the treat and give him loads of genuine praise and probably a hug.

Dog Training is a process, you can’t expect to work with your dog one time and that be it.  It takes time and patience.

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