How to Teach Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash

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A leash is an important tool that will keep your little puppy at bay. Dogs are known to cause trouble when they are free to move about as they please. A dog training leash allows your dog to move under your supervision, preventing your dog from going on a destructive rampage. However, training your dog to walk on a leash is not easy especially if they are still a puppy. Most puppies get confused or upset when they are put in a leash. Here are some steps to help teach your puppy to walk on a leash.

Be Patient

If you are putting a leash on your new puppy for the first time and are expecting them to follow, you must be delusional! While some puppies take it easy on the leash, others go tense and frantic. Imagine if someone were trying to put a leash on you, you would obviously panic. So do not overreact and get upset when your puppy doesn’t want to walk with their leash. This is also new to them; it will take time for them to understand. As for you, patience is the key.

Choose the Right Collar and Leash

There are many different kinds of collars and leashes. The reason behind this is that every dog is different and that you need to pick out a collar and leash for you puppy according to their weight, body shape, height and other preferences. Be sure not to use a choke collar or any other accessory that may cause your pet any kind of pain.

One Step at a Time

It is important that you first let your puppy get accustomed to the leash. Do not be surprised if they are fearful at first. It will take some time for them to get used to it. Put your puppy on a leash when you take them out in the yard and start playing with your dog. Once they get comfortable with the leash, reward them. Then start trying to get them to follow you.

Allow your Puppy to have Fun

Allow your puppy to associate the leash with play time. Do not let them become fearful of the leash. Let your puppy run around dragging the leash. Always be there to supervise your puppy and prevent them from getting into any sort of commotion. While your puppy is having fun, occasionally start picking up the collar and try to get your puppy to come to you. Be gentle and make sure to offer your puppy lots of treats.

Encourage your Puppy

Finally, do not immediately start forcing your puppy to walk on their leash. Instead encourage them. Try to persuade them to have it your way. Your puppy will need some time but they realize that it is for fun and that they will be rewarded, they will eventually start getting used to the leash. Avail every opportunity to get your pet to walk along side you. Allow them to trust you. Be sure to practice walking with them and strictly discourage pulling on the leash. As time will pass, you dog will begin walking nicely with their leash without any trouble.




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