How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling the Leash?

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Initially dog leash training can be pretty hard, but that is not your fault Neither is it your dog’s. Rest assured, most dogs tend to pull on their leashes and this is very normal behavior. Honestly, you would not be thrilled if somebody put a leash around your neck and forced you walk around with them!

Dogs are energetic and curious creatures, they like exploring the world and being able to roam around free. However that is just not possible if you are living in the city so it is important that you strictly discourage your dog from pulling on their leash from the very first day. Here are some tips on how to stop your dog from pulling on their leash.

Stand Extremely Still While Your Dog Pulls on Their Leash

This is called the “Be a Tree” method. When your dog pulls on their dog walking leash, stop and stand still immediately. This method is primarily used to get dogs to stop pulling their leash. When you put your foot down and refuse to move and let your dog move any further, sooner or later your intelligent furry friend will realize that pulling on their leash will get them nowhere. As soon as your dog stops pulling on their leash, make sure you reward them with a treat.

Keep the Dog Leash Short

Keeping the dog leash short will save you a lot of trouble when you are first dog leash training your dog. Make sure the leash is small but not tight around your dog’s neck. It is highly important that you keep your dog’s comfort in mind. Generally, long leashes allow dogs a lot of freedom so it makes it harder for you to control them. If the leash is short and your dog starts pulling on it, simply stop and heed. Your dog will eventually stop pulling. As your dog gets more and more accustomed to the leash, you can move over to a longer dog leash that gives him more comfort and freedom to move around.

Keep Note of Your Dog’s Body Language

You need to be able to read your dog’s body language and understand their behavior. This way you can predict when they will get hyper. If you sense that something has caught your dog’s eye and that they are most likely to start pulling on their leash, stop and distract them immediately. This will prevent you from the frustration of dealing with a dog wanting to be left out loose.

Discourage Leash Pulling and Offer Treats

Finally, you need to start discouraging your dog from pulling on their leash from the very beginning. If you are walking your dog and they start pulling on their leash, pull them to the other direction and keep walking. Sooner or later, they will realize that pulling on their leash will not let them go where ever they want to. Be sure to keep treats with you will you are dog leash training your pet. Like humans, dogs need to be appreciated and rewarded for every milestone that they overcome.

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