How to Decide on a Good Dog Bed – A Few Tips


Nothing makes bed time cozier for your dog then a new dog bed. While it may seem like quite a simple task, there are actually a few factors you need consider before purchasing a new bed for the sake of your dog’s comfort and health. Here are a few tips to help you pick out a cozy bed for your dog:

Consider your Dog’s Anatomy

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to consider your dog’s anatomy before buying their bed. Measurements play a crucial part in this factor and it is quite important as all dog beds have weight limits. Weight limits give an idea as to what extent the bed can support their dog. For your dog’s comfort it is important to get a bed that is just right for his size and weight.


It’s important to keep your dog’s coat in mind while buying a dog bed. Dog’s fur can easily get over heated when they sleep on an overly plush bed. Avoiding using beds with foams that preserve body warmth.


If your dog is getting old, it is time you invest in a bed that can provide him with premium comfort. Orthopedic or a Memory Foam dog bed are great for elderly dogs with joint problems and allergies. The memory foam molds according to your dog’s weight and shape, giving your dog the right support it needs.

Choose the Right Style

When shopping, it is important to choose the right style of dog bed that will accommodate all the needs of your dog. With the many different shapes and sizes, you have a variety to choose from. You should choose the bed according to your dog’s habits like whether he likes to stretch out or cuddle up. Be sure to consider all his needs to keep him comfortable and healthy.

Rectangular Dog Beds

Rectangular dog beds allow your dogs more area to stretch out. They can be chosen from a variety of kinds and generally benefit older dogs. These include mats and pads, mattress-style beds and dog loungers and raised dog beds.

Oval Dog Beds

Oval dog beds are great for dogs that enjoy curling up in their sleep. These beds allow them added room and comfort to get good night’s sleep.

Consider a Chew- Proof Dog Bed

It’s best that you buy a chew-proof dog bed for your little furry friend who has not quite been able to differentiate between their toys and beds! These durable beds are made from impenetrable fabrics and impeccable stitching so that your dog can chew away all he wants without tearing apart his new bed.


Finally, you might want to invest on a bed that is washing machine friendly. Dogs often get dirty and carry along with them all kinds of insects and germs. Thus if really want to purchase a good dog bed, make sure it is washing machine friendly and can be disassembled easily for washes.

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