Dog Whistle Training for Quiet Control – A Few Tips

Is your dog being too loud? Does he/she bark all day and night? Are you facing trouble training your dog to be quiet? Well, excessive barking is a problem that all dog owners have to face one time or the other. This is because barking is a natural habit of dogs – it’s in their genes and in their nature! Therefore, the only way of stopping the bad habit of excessive barking is to train them using positive reinforcement.

But how can that be possible? Well, by using dog whistle training! This form of training uses a special high frequency whistle to attract the attention of your dog. It is basically a tool that can make the hectic job of training a whole lot easier and teach your dog to do almost anything you want him to do. In this article, you will learn about some tips on how to train your dog for quiet control using whistle training.

Understand Your Dog

Much of the success in dog whistle training depends on your level of understanding with your canine companion. Therefore, before you begin the training, make sure to understand how your dog thinks and use that knowledge to help curb bad behaviors and enforce good behaviors. Once that is done, show your dog how the whistle operates and make him familiar with the device. Then, use a single blast or a string of little ‘pips’ to call your dog and see if he responds. Keep repeating until your dog understands the command you are giving.

Give Your Dog Some Rest

Of course, you would want to get rid of that excessive barking habit as soon as possible. But that doesn’t mean you be cruel to your dog. Like humans, dogs tend to get overloaded with information as well. Therefore, it can somewhat be difficult for them to understand your commands in some circumstances. So, make sure to give your dog lots of rest and go step-by-step in order to get rid of the barking habit using dog whistle training.

Give Your Canine Companion Treats

Without some special treats, any type of training for any specific purpose will prove to be unsuccessful. This is because dogs need motivation like humans too. So figure out what your dog responds best to and leverage that to your advantage using the whistle to teach him and obey your commands, especially when he barks. Think of the treats as a ‘tool’ you can utilize in your training regime. Additionally, don’t forget to treat your dog, every time he successfully obeys your command.

Never Punish Your Dog

Regardless of how strong and aggressive some dog breeds may look, there is no doubt every dog is incredibly sensitive and emotional. Therefore, never punish your dog for not responding to the sound of the whistle and try to be as much patient as possible. Not to mention, always teach one command at a time by working in short, repeated sessions. Keep repeating the same command, until your dog understands the whistle signal completely and stops barking.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, training your dog to be quiet using a high frequency whistle won’t be a problem.

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