Common Myths about Dog Whistles


Dog whistle training stands to be one of the best ways to train your dog. Though it is one of the most effective ways to train your pooch, a lot of people doubt its merits. Such beliefs are the cause of common myths and misconceptions about dog whistle training. In such circumstances, it is best that one does their own research before drawing a conclusion. Here are some common dog myths that been in constant circulation which we have listed below.

All Dog Whistles Are Inaudible By People

This is one of the most common myths. Many people believe that all dog whistles are inaudible by humans. This is not true. While you can find silent dog whistles that are virtually inaudible by humans, there are other dog whistles that humans can hear pretty well. It is all a matter of the frequency of the sound produced by the whistles. Generally, dogs have better hearing than human; they are able to hear a larger range of frequency. If the dog whistle being used does not produce a sound that is very large, then humans can hear the whistle too.

Silent Whistles Are All Silent

1935 was the year the dog whistle was invented. Surely, many decades have passed and technology has advanced, making our lives easier. However, all inventions are prone to human error. This is the reason why many people have complained about the dog whistles they have bought online.

According to these customers, no matter what they did, the whistles continued to be audible. This is actually the fault of the manufacturer. It is not a surprise why one would want to purchase a silent whistle, silent whistles make training easier as you will not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors or family every time you want to train your dog. To be on the safe side, always read user reviews before buying a particular whistle. This will give you a general idea of how well it works and if it really is worth your money.

Dogs Respond Instinctively To Whistles

The only natural instincts animals have are to eat, sleep, and survive. You cannot just expect your dog to magically respond to the whistle and instantly do what you want them to do. Whistle training your dog will take time and practice. Some dogs are exceptional cases, if they are intelligent, they learn quickly but generally it takes time to train any animal. All dogs that are not deaf can hear the whistle but it will take time for them to respond to it.

Training your dog requires three simple techniques: familiarity, repetition, and reward. To whistle train your dog, you first need to make your dog associate the whistle with a command. On your first day, blow the whistle, and then call your dog to come to you. When they succeed to do so, offer them a treat. Once you start practicing this with them each day, they will start to associate the whistle with a command. Make sure to offer your dogs loads of treats. It really does help them learn better.


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