Luxury for Dogs ~ Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Smokey Dog Co. ‘s number 1 selling product the Chocolate Brown Memory Foam Dog Bed is the ultimate luxury for dogs.  Perfect for large and older dogs this 40 x 35 x 4 memory foam bed has a removable and washable zippered Chocolate Brown Micro-suede cover with skid proof bottom.  The waterproof removable zippered lining protects your dog bed from accidents and provides for an easy way to clean.  Now available on Amazon in Chocolate Brown and also in a new light Tan color.

Memory Foam Dog Bed Now Available in 2 Great Colors

two colors dog bed

The Smokey Dog Co. is happy to announce that our Therapeutic Memory Foam Dog Bed is now available in 2 great colors. Now available on Amazon in a light tan color and chocolate brown both shown above in the picture.

  • Luxury Extra Large Pet Bed size 40″ x 35″ x 4″ with removable and washable zippered Microsuede cover with skid proof bottom.
  • Therapeutic 2″ memory foam with 2″ support foam makes this bed a better choice for larger dogs needing more support and comfort.
  • Orthopedic memory foam is best for older and large dogs with joint issues, hip displasia, and arthritis giving them the support they need for a therapeutic comfortable rest.
  • Hypoallergenic and highly resistant to molds, mildews, and dust mites.
  • Waterproof removable zippered lining protects your dog bed from accidents and provides for an easy way to clean.

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Why You Should Buy a Dog Bed for Your Furry Companion?

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Dogs are friendly creatures and make great companions. In order to keep your dog healthy and happy it is essential that you keep his needs in mind. Most dogs sleep for 12 hours each day thus they need a place to rest and stretch out. Here’s a list of reasons why you should definitely buy them their own dog bed.

To Allow Your Dog a Comfortable Place to Sleep

You dog need a bed for the very same reasons you do; he needs a comfortable place to sleep. A dog bed will allow your dog a place to stretch around and retrieve to when they are feeling tired or upset.

To Give Them Their Own Space

While many dog owners enjoy sharing a bed with their dogs, it is not really a very healthy habit. Over time, sharing a bed with a dog can get very difficult when your dogs get bigger. Thus, you should give them their own space where they can comfortably stretch around. Also, dogs carry with their fur, many kinds of germs and insects that can cause many diseases; in addition dog hair can also irritate you while you sleep so it’s better you buy them a dog bed so that the both of you are able to get a good night’s sleep.

To Prevent Your Dog from Sleeping On the Floor

Buy your furry companion a dog bed to provide him insulation from the cold hard floor. The floor is not only uncomfortable to sleep on but it also allows insects and other nasty little creatures an opportunity to find its way in your dog’s fur.

To Avoid Your Dog from Overheating/Cooling

Some dogs tend to easily overheat during the summer especially dogs with long fur and double coats. When the temperature rises these dogs may have trouble in sleeping and getting adequate rest. To prevent your dog from getting a heatstroke it is essential that you buy him a dog bed that tends to his needs which in this case is a cooling dog bed. These dog beds will allow your dog well needed rest in the summers and keep their body temperature under control.

Some dogs on the other hand may be in need of a heated dog bed. Dogs that are characteristically thin which short coats need heating beds. Older dogs suffering from arthritis can also benefit from such beds as the extra heat soothes their joint.

To Help Cushion Their Joints

Elderly dogs or dogs with arthritis need customized beds to suit their needs. Dog beds such as orthopedic and memory foam dog beds help cushion their joints and allow them a comfortable night’s sleep.

To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Lastly, it is important to remember that dogs tend to sleep a lot, especially puppies and older. A dog’s bed is surely going to contribute to your dog’s well being and happiness, after all, nobody likes sleeping on the cold hard floor, and who doesn’t like their own bed? So get your dog a bed today.


How to Decide on a Good Dog Bed – A Few Tips


Nothing makes bed time cozier for your dog then a new dog bed. While it may seem like quite a simple task, there are actually a few factors you need consider before purchasing a new bed for the sake of your dog’s comfort and health. Here are a few tips to help you pick out a cozy bed for your dog:

Consider your Dog’s Anatomy

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to consider your dog’s anatomy before buying their bed. Measurements play a crucial part in this factor and it is quite important as all dog beds have weight limits. Weight limits give an idea as to what extent the bed can support their dog. For your dog’s comfort it is important to get a bed that is just right for his size and weight.


It’s important to keep your dog’s coat in mind while buying a dog bed. Dog’s fur can easily get over heated when they sleep on an overly plush bed. Avoiding using beds with foams that preserve body warmth.


If your dog is getting old, it is time you invest in a bed that can provide him with premium comfort. Orthopedic or a Memory Foam dog bed are great for elderly dogs with joint problems and allergies. The memory foam molds according to your dog’s weight and shape, giving your dog the right support it needs.

Choose the Right Style

When shopping, it is important to choose the right style of dog bed that will accommodate all the needs of your dog. With the many different shapes and sizes, you have a variety to choose from. You should choose the bed according to your dog’s habits like whether he likes to stretch out or cuddle up. Be sure to consider all his needs to keep him comfortable and healthy.

Rectangular Dog Beds

Rectangular dog beds allow your dogs more area to stretch out. They can be chosen from a variety of kinds and generally benefit older dogs. These include mats and pads, mattress-style beds and dog loungers and raised dog beds.

Oval Dog Beds

Oval dog beds are great for dogs that enjoy curling up in their sleep. These beds allow them added room and comfort to get good night’s sleep.

Consider a Chew- Proof Dog Bed

It’s best that you buy a chew-proof dog bed for your little furry friend who has not quite been able to differentiate between their toys and beds! These durable beds are made from impenetrable fabrics and impeccable stitching so that your dog can chew away all he wants without tearing apart his new bed.


Finally, you might want to invest on a bed that is washing machine friendly. Dogs often get dirty and carry along with them all kinds of insects and germs. Thus if really want to purchase a good dog bed, make sure it is washing machine friendly and can be disassembled easily for washes.

Benefits of a Large Dog Bed


The fact that you are considering to buy a dog bed for your furry companion shows how much you adore your pet. However, it is important that you keep a few things in mind before purchasing an expensive bed, like your dog’s sleeping preference, size, body weight and age. A large dog bed can satisfy many needs of a dog, helping him get a good night’s sleep. The following are the major benefits of a large dog bed.

Provides Warmth

Although dog fur is designed to keep dogs warm during the winters, older dogs that have weaker immune systems and are prone to diseases that impair their hair are in need of an extra source of warmth and comfort. Large dogs are beds are ideal for such senior dogs that need the extra warmth. In addition large dog beds also make your dog feel safe during the night.

Offers Comfort

Your dog may not be comfortable sleeping on couches or on the cold hard floor. This may be causing them to have restless sleep. Dogs have special needs and you should choose their beds according to their preferences as inadequate amount of sleep can have your dog feeling ill and fatigued. A large dog bed will allow your dog the comfort he needs. To fulfill his needs even better, you can choose from a variety of different kinds of large dog beds.

In addition a large orthopedic memory foam dog bed will provide your dog premium comfort and care. Old dogs are susceptible to arthritis and such specialized beds are design to relax their muscles and soothe their joints and bones.

Provides a Sense of Security

Large dog beds help provide your dog a sense of security. A large dog bed will allow your dog a place to feel safe and warm. This will keep him settled through of the night.

Easy Training of New Puppies

Recently got a new puppy? A large dog bed will help train your new puppy. Most of the time, older dogs find it hard to get used to idea of their new dog beds and end up sleeping on the furniture as well. Getting a large dog bed for your new friend will allow him ample of time to get used to his bed. Over time this will also save you the trouble of getting him a new bed when he is much bigger and you will not have to be worried about him resting on your living room’s furniture.

Keeps your Home Clean

Finally, after a long day of jumping and running, dogs need their own personal space to relax. A large dog bed will give your dog space to stretch out and relax, keeping him away from your furniture. We know you love your dog but they do often get dirty and like to create havoc in the house. A large dog bed will allow your dog some private space, and you will not even have to worry about cleaning up the mess.


Why You Should Purchase a Memory Foam Bed for Your Dog?

dog  bed

You may go out jogging sometimes. It may be fun and exhilarating, but when you come back home you may experience pain in your joints and muscles which cannot be ignored. The same goes for dogs.

A long day of moving around stresses their muscles and tires their joints so they also need their rest. As dogs grow older they become susceptible to many diseases such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and diabetes. They may even be suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain without you even knowing it. So ensure that your dog is sleeping well during the night. In this case, it is important that you buy him a memory foam dog bed, and here are some of the reasons why.

Your Dog Is Getting Old

Like all living beings, dogs grow old and weary. And when they do, they start to get weaker. Their bones are no longer strong enough, their metabolism weakens and they become susceptible to many diseases. All these things may result in a restless night’s sleep which would cause an added discomfort to your furry friend. If your dog has limited his physical activities, has trouble climbing the stairs and prefers to sleep all they then these are signs that indicate that he may have arthritis. Bone related problems are not to be taken lightly; dogs with such diseases need a lot of care and rest. To help your dog get a good night’s sleep, a memory foam dog bed is the ideal bed.

Memory foam bed helps align your dog’s body in a good posture, preventing him from tossing and turning all through the night.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Even if your dog is young and is quite healthy and active, he is still susceptible to arthritis. So if you really love him and want to keep him healthy, you need to purchase this bed immediately. Memory foam dog beds will keep your pet’s joints relaxed. It will help soothe his bones and muscles preventing any bone related diseases from developing.

It is Budget Friendly

While some brands may be more expensive than others, you can easily find an affordable memory foam bed online. There are many websites that provide discounts to encourage frequent sales. Make use of such offers and make a worthy investment for your dog that will keep him healthy and happy, and at the same time keep things within budget.

Breathable Foam

Memory foam beds are made out of breathable foam which ensures proper blood circulation in your dog’s body while he sleeps through the night.

To Help Cushion Their Joints

Finally, dogs are very active throughout the whole day and required well needed rest during the night. Elderly dogs with arthritis or other bone diseases have trouble sleeping in regular beds; they require customized beds that can suit their needs. A memory foam bed is ideal for such dogs and the foam will help cushion their joints, allowing them to stretch out and sleep peacefully.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Beds

sleeping dog

Visco elastic foam also known as ‘memory foam’ has created hype as a comfortable bed for dogs. A memory foam dog bed is distinct from other beds in quite a few ways which is why they are known to provide premium comfort to dogs who are suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. We know you love your dog and would do anything to provide them premium care. But it’s important that you know the pros and cons before buying an expensive bed for your pal.


Reduces Pressure Points

One of the major benefits of memory foam beds is that they reduce pressure points by positioning a dog into a good posture. This feature is quite remarkable and will be quite useful if your dog tosses and turns a lot in his sleep. The memory foam is able to align your dog’s body, molding the foam according to his body shape and size. This keeps your dog relaxed and aligned while he sleeps.


Dogs like to chew on their beds and often make a lot of mess. Memory foam beds last longer when compared to other beds. Thus these beds are more durable and resilient to wear and tear.

Provides Support

Memory foam beds provide well needed support to dogs that have arthritis and other bone diseases. The foam is thick yet it is comfortable enough to help them sleep well during the night.


Retains a Lot of Heat

Memory foam outlines according to your dog’s body shape and because of the high density, the beds retain a lot of heat which may cause your dog’s body temperature during the night. This is a main concern as during the summers, dogs with double coats or with long furs tend to overheat. This causes them discomfort while they sleep, making them restless. Over heating may also cause heat stroke in some situations, which is to be avoided at all costs. However there are temperature sensitive memory foams such as gel memory foams. They are known to be cooler and do not retain a lot of heat.


Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell. You may often find them sniffing around for no apparent reason, but their nose is sharper than ours. Memory foam beds are created from a number of chemicals which is why they give off a peculiar odor known to last a several months. The odor is cause by a chemical called VOC. It is possible that your dog may not be bothered by this strange smell but if you are sleeping in the same room then it might be problem for you. However, memory foam beds without VOC have been made available to do away with this problem.

Not Budget Friendly

Memory foam beds have been known to be quite expensive and may cost double of a regular dog bed. However, the internet has made things easier and cheaper so you can find a good memory foam dog bed online through different discount retailers. This will keep things in budget while helping your dog sleep better.

Everything You Need to Know About Specialized Dog Beds

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Just like humans are prone to many kinds of diseases in their old age, so are dogs. When your dog is getting old, it is important that you cater to his needs accordingly. Here is everything you need to know about specialized dog beds.

There are some breeds that are more susceptible to diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Diseases such as arthritis reduce the dog’s ability to move efficiently and thus they require a lot of rest. In such circumstances it is important that you pay close attention to your dogs needs and buy them dog beds according to their conditions.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

These beds are ideally for dogs with bone problems. As dogs get older, they tend to have difficulty in moving and tend to sleep a lot. These beds have fillings made out of memory foam or gel. Memory foam molds accordingly to your dog’s body shape and weight. This allows your dog to rest their joints. These beds are usually thick but comfortable enough for your dog. A memory foam dog bed sometimes has a frame and low sides to allow easy entry for your dog.

Prevention is better than cure. Early use of orthopedic dog bed for your dog can help prevent him from getting diseases such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. As the bed supports the joints, it is important to buy this bed if you have an obese dog.

Heated Dog Beds

Winter can be harsh. While you can stock up your dog’s bed with plenty of blankets and pillows, none of these will be as efficient as a heated dog bed. Older dogs with arthritis usually benefit a lot from this bed as the extra heat soothes their joints and allows them to sleep much more comfortably. Puppies and dogs with short fur also need extra heat to keep their body warm .There are heated dog beds available for such dogs.

However, caution should be taken while using these beds as they are thermostatically controlled. Thus the temperatures need to be monitored very carefully. Heated dog beds are ideal for dogs that are old, sick, weak or who have just recovered from any sort of injury or surgery.

Waterproof Dog Beds

Waterproof beds are generally made from polyester and high resistant fabric. As dogs grow older, they become susceptible to many diseases such as diabetes. Thus waterproof dog beds are available for dogs with little or no bladder control. This will help you in cleaning up the mess. Such dog beds are also great for taking outdoors to picnics for dogs who love to play with water.

Cool Dog Beds

Finally, summers can be exceptionally hot for dogs that have double coats of fur or long fur. Excessive body heat can result to a heat stroke thus it is important that you take the necessary measures to keep your dog cool during the hot summer nights. Cool dog beds generally have a gel core or use other cooling alternatives like water.



A Guide to the Different Types of Dog Beds

View More: is not a surprise that you are not willing to compromise on the comfort of your furry friend. After all, your dog has been probably been running around all day, which is why he needs a comfy bed to sleep on during the night. Dog beds are available in multiples of varieties and styles so you are sure to be able to find a bed that tends to dog’s need and comfort.

Standard Dog Beds

Standard dog beds are regular dog beds with no edges or rims. They are great for all kinds of dogs except for senior dogs. They can be made from a variety of materials to suit to your dog’s need such as fleece, flannel, denim, faux suede or micro fiber. The dog beds are usually filled with polyester filling or foam padding, they can also be found in a variety of shapes and sizes

Memory Foam Dog beds

A memory foam dog bed is different from other beds because these beds are able to mold around according to dog’s body shape and weight, eliminating all pressure points. This allows their joints, muscles and spine to relax completely avoiding discomfort. These beds are ideal for senior dogs.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

These dogs are designed for dogs of all age’s especially elderly dogs with arthritis or other orthopedic diseases. These beds are extremely comfortable and are thick enough to give your dog premium support and care.

Mats and Pads

Mats and pads are the most budget-friendly beds you can find. These sleeping mats are ideal for taking outdoors are they are comfortable yet thin enough to be easily carried around. This style is mainly used for kennel use as it allows the dog to rest without taking up lot of room.

Mattress-style Dog Beds

These beds are comparatively heavier than mats and pads but provide the dogs much needed comfort if you are able to choose a mattress with the right stuffing and material. You can choose from a soft polyfill stuffing or solid foam that will give your dog more support. It is important to keep your dog’s age and preference in mind before choosing this dog bed.

Dog Loungers

Loungers are beds with a deep sleeping area and high, bolstered sides. Dogs tend to like the sense of security while still being able to stretch out as much as they like. For added comfort, the bolsters can also be used as cushions for the dogs.

Raised Dog Beds

These beds are designed to look like dog-sized sofas raised off the floor. The frames can be made from a wide variety of materials which include wood, plastic, metal or wicker. These beds help distance your dog from the cold dirty floor and allows enhances insect control.

Pillow Beds

A nice comfy pillow styled bed is ideal for dogs that sleep in more than one position. This bed allows dogs to either sleep curls up or stretched out. It is important to choose a pillow bed with the right kind of cushioning for the dog, one that supports its weight but is comfortable to sleep on.

Nest Beds

Finally, a nest bed (also called a bagel bed or the donut bed)is ideal for dogs that like to circle around before going to bed. The sides of the bed may either be fully enclosed or will have an opening.


5 Benefits a Therapeutic Memory Foam Dog Bed


Arthritis and degenerative joint problems are one of the biggest issues that larger breed dogs can face as they get older in age. Picking up on the problem early is one of the best things you can do for your beloved dog because then you can address the issues they are having before they start to affect your dog’s well being and comfort level.

One of the easiest and quickest solutions for joint pain for a dog is providing them with the support they need when they lay down to rest. A great way to provide this is by purchasing an orthopedic dog bed, these dog beds are made of the same quality memory foam used for people but are just made on a smaller scale to work well for dogs.

Here are 5 benefits a therapeutic memory foam dog bed from The Smokey Dog Co. can provide:

  1. The bed is made from 2” support foam and 2” memory foam providing enough support for your dog without being too hard or too soft.
  2. The support of memory foam helps to improve blood circulation and keep joints healthy and functional when compared to sleeping on a less supportive bed.
  3. Memory Foam is breathable. This will help your dog survive different climate changes comfortably. It will keep your dog cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. This will also help your dog sleep better.
  4. The support of the memory foam helps eliminate painful pressure points by distributing the dog’s weight throughout the bed.
  5. The Smokey Dog Co. memory foam dog bed comes with a removable waterproof lining and washable cover for easy care for the owner.

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