These dogs just don’t want to get out of bed!

Have you ever felt this way in the morning?  Where you just don’t want to get out of bed.  Well you aren’t the only one, this video shows some sleepy dogs that just don’t want to get up!  I don’t blame them, I hate getting up in the morning too!

I definately think these dog owners should at least get their dogs their own dog bed, at least then when they decide to sleep all day it will be in their own bed.

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That’s my dog bed your mean cat!

If you have a multi-pet family with cats and dogs in your home you can probably relate to this funny video we have shared below.

I feel bad for these sweet dogs who just want their dog bed to themselves.  The cats seem to be a bunch of big bullies … lol!

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That mean cat stole my dog bed!

Cats and dogs have always been considered arch enemies but in some families they become the best of friends.  Unfortunately for this little pup this cat has taken over his territory and stolen his favorite dog bed.  Watch this funny video as the cat stays so calm while the puppy works hard to get back his bed!

This is one determine puppy and I don’t blame him, I don’t like anybody stealing my bed either!

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This dog was not allowed in the bed – So Funny

This dog was not allowed in his owners bed!  Look what they found when they came home one day!

This video is so funny!

Do you let your dog sleep in your bed or does he have his own comfortable dog bed?  This adorable dog made himself right at home with when his owners left for the day.  He’s got his head propped up on a pillow laying on his back with his legs all sprawled out and he is even snoring!

I wonder what else our dogs do while we are out of the house.  Do you have any fun stories to share … if so leave them in the comments below, we would love to hear about them!

The World’s Tallest Dog!


Meet Zeus, the Guinness World Records holder for being the World’s Tallest Dog!  Zeus is a Great Dane  who measured 44 in tall and weighed 155 pounds on 4 October 2011 and was owned by Denise Doorlag and her family, of Otsego, Michigan, USA.

Unfortunately Zeus passed away the week of 12/09/2014 at the age of five. “He will be greatly missed by his lovely owners and will live on in Guinness World Records history as the Tallest Dog we ever measured.” said GWR picture editor, Michael Witty.

He was a pet therapy dog and very gentle according to his owner, which is so cool considering how large he was.  She also said he loved to sleep in their bed … wow I definately think I would have had to get Zeus his own dog bed!

Make sure to check out the video below to see how big Zeus was!  What a cool dog!

Video courtesy of Guinness World Records

Ever wonder what your dog does when you leave the house?

This dog is not allowed on the bed … his owner installed a video to check out what he was doing when they were gone. The results are hilarious!

What do you think your dog does while you are gone?

This is one more reason why your do need their own comfortable dog bed … so he doesn’t do this to yours while you are out!

Sometimes Dogs like to sleep in too!

We came across this video that made us laugh and wanted to share it with you.  I know sometimes I have a hard time getting up in the morning because my bed is so comfy and these pups can really relate! This really proves why you should really make sure your dog has their own dog bed!

Video courtesy of MrFunnyMals

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