Simple Tips For Bathing & Rinsing

Think for a moment about the last time you bathed your canine companion. Perhaps you ended up sprayed with water? Unfortunately many of us are disorganized when it comes to bathing our furry best friends. Before you begin with bathing, gather all your supplies and have them close by you. Use a natural organic dog shampoo without any harsh chemicals. Also remember to use a canine conditioner.

Place the cotton balls for ears, a washcloth or two, blow dryer, and a few soft cotton towels around you. Before beginning, it’s necessary to brush out all the tangles from his coat. When wet, all the tangles and knots tend to multiply and you end up with many more tangles after bathing. Your veterinarian will have most likely recommended some eye drops to place in your dog’s eyes before bathing. This protects his eyes from any irritation that is often caused by shampoo irritation. Gently place the eye drops in your dog’s eyes. Next, place a cotton ball in each ear, so as to prevent water from entering and to protect against ear infections.

Now, keep your dog close to you and as relaxed as possible. This is a good time to play some classical music or tune in with Dog TV, which will help to relax him. Dogs are less tolerant of hot water than humans, so it’s vital that your water is luke warm and no hotter. If your furry best friend starts shaking and seems cold, check your water temperature. Soak your furry companion gently with warm water. Always check the temperature by allowing for the water to run against your wrist . Then make sure that he’s soaked all the way through to his skin. This may be harder to achieve for thicker coated dogs like the Retriever.

Dogs that suffer from hip dysplasia or arthritic problems may have a harder or more difficult time with bathing. If they have to lie down, be gentle and alternate sides by placing them on a large cotton towel that is easy to move. When you need to wash your injured dog’s other side if allowed by your veterinarian, gently place him on his other side while still on the towel. Be careful never to submerge his head, ears or even neck. The water level should be kept low to minimize drowning, ear infections and to avoid a simple overflow.

Finally work the organic shampoo into his coat and gently lather all over. Lather long coats with the lay of the coat. This tends to prevent tangles. Do the very opposite on fluffy dogs, and swirl the lather against the grain, so as to make their coat stand up while shampooing. Most dogs actually love a good shampoo.

Dogs are less tolerant of being rinsed. Begin by rinsing at the head, and working your way down his body. After that, wrap your furry companion in a cotton towel (some have hoodies) and gently pat dry. Curly breeds need only a pat dry, so as to prevent tangling. Avoid rubbing dry with all curly haired breeds. When drying, use a pet dryer and turn the setting on low, so as to prevent burning his skin.

Maintaining your furry best friend’s appearance, and keeping grooming sessions short and pain free, creates the perfect opportunity for bonding.

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