A Guide to the Dog Leash Laws in the US

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It had been many years since dog owners were allows to leave their dogs to wander around the streets, only to come back right on their doorsteps. Dog leash laws have changed in the US and it has certainly changed for the welfare of the people and their dogs. A lot of people now live in apartments and cluttered neighborhoods so it is important that a dog owner keep strict eye on their pets to make sure that they are not disturbing other people.

Dog leashes are an effective way to keep your dog under control. As a dog owner, then you need to be aware of the leash laws. Leash laws generally require dogs to be on a leash to that they remain under control when they are on somebody else’s property. Dogs tend to get excited and may start chasing people or may start destroying somebody else’s property. Here are some leash laws that you need to be aware of in the US.

Always Keep Your Dog on the Leash When Outside

It does not matter how well you have trained your dog or how confident you are about their behavior. By allowing your dog to walk off leash on somebody else’s property, you violate a leash law. The intensity of the enforcement however varies from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood. In some low key areas or small towns, people would be least bothered if your dog is off leash and well behaved but in some areas, the police tends to be strict. So it is best that you always abide by the law and keep your don on their leash.

Dogs Running at Large

If your dog is running loose on the treat, then do not be surprised if they are swiftly taken away to an animal shelter. In such cases, the dog owner is usually fined and if the dog is unlicensed then you are in for some real trouble. This law has been implemented to avoid dogs from getting into harm or from them harming other people.

Loose dogs on the street can easily be hit by cars. If a dog is infected by rabies then somebody else can also contract the same disease if they were to be bitten by that dog. For the safety of your dog and for other people’s sake, it is advisable that you follow leash laws carefully.

Rabies Quarantine Leash Laws

A few states require dogs to be confined to their owner’s premises when a rabies quarantine order has been issued. If there is a rabies emergency in the city then dogs are not allowed to roam at large on the streets or on somebody else’s property. Eradicating a disease requires one to take special measures so it is best that in such cases that you abide by the law. Finally, it is also important that you make sure that your dog gets their rabies shots on time. This is not only for the welfare of your dog but for you and the rest of society as well.

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