A Guide to the Different Types of Dog Whistles

Dog whistles are a special device that can be used as an alternative to verbal and hand signals for training your dog. Dog whistles produce a high frequency sound that is inaudible to the human ear. Generally, these whistles can emit a range of noise between 23 and 46 kHz and this is accompanied by using a narrow cylinder that regulates the amount of air escaping the whistle.

Therefore, the narrow body of the whistle accounts for the increase in pitch, which can then be used for training your dog. Please note these whistle sounds are not in any way harmful to your dog’s hearing, but are rather interesting and unusual. Dog whistles are available in a variety of shapes and types, some of which work only with a particular dog breed. In this article, you will learn about the different types of dog whistles and their shapes:

Types of Dog Whistles

Silent Whistles

As the name implies, these whistles produce various sounds which you cannot hear. They are designed to adjust to multiple frequencies within its range. This is because different breeds of dogs respond to different whistles, meaning they can only hear sounds at a specific frequency.

Pealess Whistles

As compared to silent whistles, pealess whistles offer fewer sound options. This is because these whistles do not come equipped with a pea (hence the name). These whistles are primarily used in cold regions, as the whistle is less prone to freezing rather than dual-tone and silent whistles.

Whistles with a Pea

The ‘pea’ is a small ball inside the whistle. This design allows you to produce different sound combinations and thrills using the whistle, hence making it easier to train your dog and give commands.

Dual-Tone Whistles

As the name implies, this type of whistle produces two types of tones/frequencies. You can test which tone works with your dog by using the ‘wake-up’ test. For example, when your dog is asleep, blow the whistle in both tones and then observe which tone wakes the dog up. These whistles are available in two forms, pealess and whistle with a pea.

Shapes of Dog Whistles

Dog whistles are made from a variety of materials. This includes staghorn, metal, and plastic. Metal whistles are also available, but are usually avoided as they are likely to freeze in cold temperatures. Apart from materials, here are a few different shapes dog whistles are available in:

  • Shepherd’s Whistle – This type of whistle is in the shape of a folded lid of a tin can. It has a hole punched through at the center and requires a little practice before you can use it for training your dog.
  • Oblong – As the name implies, these whistles are oblong. They are used for training retrievers and produce relatively low frequency sound.
  • Megaphone – As the name suggests, whistles of this shape produce a loud sound. People should avoid using it next to other people, as the loud sound can damage hearing.

So, now that you are familiar with the different types of dog whistle, choosing the perfect one that works well with your dog won’t be a problem.

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