A Guide to the Different Types of Dog Beds

View More: http://kamphoto.pass.us/smokeyIt is not a surprise that you are not willing to compromise on the comfort of your furry friend. After all, your dog has been probably been running around all day, which is why he needs a comfy bed to sleep on during the night. Dog beds are available in multiples of varieties and styles so you are sure to be able to find a bed that tends to dog’s need and comfort.

Standard Dog Beds

Standard dog beds are regular dog beds with no edges or rims. They are great for all kinds of dogs except for senior dogs. They can be made from a variety of materials to suit to your dog’s need such as fleece, flannel, denim, faux suede or micro fiber. The dog beds are usually filled with polyester filling or foam padding, they can also be found in a variety of shapes and sizes

Memory Foam Dog beds

A memory foam dog bed is different from other beds because these beds are able to mold around according to dog’s body shape and weight, eliminating all pressure points. This allows their joints, muscles and spine to relax completely avoiding discomfort. These beds are ideal for senior dogs.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

These dogs are designed for dogs of all age’s especially elderly dogs with arthritis or other orthopedic diseases. These beds are extremely comfortable and are thick enough to give your dog premium support and care.

Mats and Pads

Mats and pads are the most budget-friendly beds you can find. These sleeping mats are ideal for taking outdoors are they are comfortable yet thin enough to be easily carried around. This style is mainly used for kennel use as it allows the dog to rest without taking up lot of room.

Mattress-style Dog Beds

These beds are comparatively heavier than mats and pads but provide the dogs much needed comfort if you are able to choose a mattress with the right stuffing and material. You can choose from a soft polyfill stuffing or solid foam that will give your dog more support. It is important to keep your dog’s age and preference in mind before choosing this dog bed.

Dog Loungers

Loungers are beds with a deep sleeping area and high, bolstered sides. Dogs tend to like the sense of security while still being able to stretch out as much as they like. For added comfort, the bolsters can also be used as cushions for the dogs.

Raised Dog Beds

These beds are designed to look like dog-sized sofas raised off the floor. The frames can be made from a wide variety of materials which include wood, plastic, metal or wicker. These beds help distance your dog from the cold dirty floor and allows enhances insect control.

Pillow Beds

A nice comfy pillow styled bed is ideal for dogs that sleep in more than one position. This bed allows dogs to either sleep curls up or stretched out. It is important to choose a pillow bed with the right kind of cushioning for the dog, one that supports its weight but is comfortable to sleep on.

Nest Beds

Finally, a nest bed (also called a bagel bed or the donut bed)is ideal for dogs that like to circle around before going to bed. The sides of the bed may either be fully enclosed or will have an opening.


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