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5 of the Sweetest Dog Videos you will ever see

Dogs are amazing creatures and as you will see below they can be pretty sweet too! Anyone who owns a dog already knows this but these videos were so sweet we just had to share them!  Enjoy! This sweet boy sings a lullaby to try to sooth the crying … [Read More...]



Grooming at Home

Do you have a dog with a thick double coat? Or perhaps one with hair as fine as silk? Although every breed has specific grooming requirements, there are a few tips to follow regarding basic at home grooming. This does not have to be boring and can be … [Read More...]

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Featured Fan of The Day

Say Hi to Today’s Featured Fan of The Day “Athena”! Her owner says: “I love that athena and i cuddle alot and that we have a connection only her and i will ever have shes my best friend and my family i love this dog to death. she protects me.”

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Best Types of Dog Beds for Large Breed Dogs

Finding the right bed for your dog is a task that requires you to look at numerous factors such as the age of your pet, any health issues facing him and your dog’s like and dislike. Therefore, before you buy a bed for your buddy, make sure you have duly considered all these factors so […]


Our new Memory Foam Dog Bed is now available on Amazon!

Click Here to Buy on Amazon Comfortable, Stylish, and Durable! This luxury x-large dog bed is 40″ length x 35″ wide x 4″ thick and full of style and comfort. The 4″ memory foam is divided into 2″ therapeutic memory foam and 2″ support foam for better support and comfort for larger dogs. Our long […]


Featured Fan of the Day


5 Health Benefits of a Comfortable Dog Bed

Imagine how life would be for you if you do not have a proper bed to rest and sleep on. Do you think you would be at your best, mentally and physically, if you had the wrong bed? Probably not. Then how can you assume your dog will be at their best without the right […]


Featured Fan of the Day

Meet our featured fan of the day today!  Owner says:  “This little guy here is Marley. My favorite thing about him is that when my husband is away for military duties… he tends to sleep on things that are Army green….”


Why Use a Therapeutic Dog Bed

I understand how difficult it is for you to see your friend in pain. I know you feel helpless when see your buddy, who used to jump and move around your house all the time, struggle as he moves. We understand that you would do anything to restore your friend’s health and movement. Do you […]

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Why choosing the Right Bed is Important for your Dog

Ever wondered why you feel more comfortable in your bed than you feel in someone else’s? Remember when you were couldn’t sleep at your friend’s home because you were not comfortable with the bed. Our bed plays an important role in our lives, sleep, and our comfort. Therefore, the right bed provides you with proper […]